Woolworths Fresh Food Offers August 2014

It is pretty nice to see all the products in deal with a beautiful single catalogue. This is last week’s catalogue in which prices that are Woolworths Fresh Food Offers August 2014still valid are available. Mostly fresh grocery products and fresh meat offers appearing on the first part of the whole catalogue. Completing this new browse you will achieve very useful informations about the quality and low price range of the Woolworths fresh food offers august.
Let’s get moving with the first page of the Woolworths catalogue to get through problems of ours about weekly shoppings while we try to make everything done at lowest costs.
* Australian cos lettuce hearts, pk 2, $1.60
* Australian sundowner apples, $2.78
* Australian lamb mid loin chops, $14.99
Perfect chops especially for Sundays.


Woolworths always put a great effort on exhibitions of the deli products generally in middle parts of the weekly specials catalogues. We can see a page full of nice deals of Deli department.
* Chicken kebabs, $1
* Chicken breast fillets, $8.99
* Woolworths Large prepacked salad varieties, 800g, $3.99
* Extra Large cooked Aussie tiger prawns.
And more reduced prices are available special for this week.


A lot of varieties of bread and bakery products which you would have difficulty in finding anywhere else than Woolworths Store are available special for this week.

Woolworths Power Tools August Offers

New Woolworths power tools offers released in August first week can be our alternative solution to meet our need for works of Woolworths Power Toolsbuilding or repairing. Since price range is very nice to have a look at it I would prefer to buy any need of mine from Woolworths stores. The only brand of these product is Direct Power and Woolworths got high pressure cleaner, jigsaw, heat gun, angle grinder, impact drill, sander at special rates to this week.
* Direct Power high pressure cleaner, $79
An ideal option for huge areas to clean up fast, flawlessly and it is very durable so that you can keep it for a long time while.
* Direct Power Angle grinder, $25
Every time we need to get the finest result so this is one of the basics of DIY works at home or work zone. You can comfortably prefer to have this product that is famous among the products like this.
* Direct Power jigsaw, $25
Another power tool that ends you up with accurate results in cutting. Modern technology to help you at best.
* Direct Power heat gun, $25
Very huge area of use. Most places like lab, places with electronics, or anywhere you can get your things wet is in need for this device.
* Impact drill, $25
At the same rate, you have a drill that can be used at changeable speeds. Also reverse rotation is possible with it.
* Sander, $25
Same brand offers a perfect sander that is preferred by professionals. Especially carpentering workers prefer this device essentially.

Woolworths Specials August 2014 Review

Woolworths Specials August Catalogue offers comprises of general food supplies, snacks, party supplies, conserved and prepared food Woolworths Catalogue August Offers 2014varieties and fresh food like fresh meat. Especially deli department’s specials have been prepared beautifully. Make your decision where to shop this week but before that please read these catalogues.


There are fantastic varieties among the offers of Woolworths Specials Catalogue. This week you can purchase coca cola pack for only $21 and 2 litre of it is only $3 ! On the other hand Doritos and Pringles chips are priced at $2.50 ! Old El Paso nachos kit which is your favorite when you are hungry at lunch time is only for $5 now !
* Lindt creation and excellence chocolates, 2 FOR $5
This one is considered to be one of the best chocolate brands all over the world.
* Peters Original Ice cream, 4 L, $7
Very nice taste of ice cream will be your fun at nights !
* Moccona Coffee freeze dried, 400g, $18
One of the best quality of coffee which is at lower price compared to others.


A product range which we are not used to see on regular Woolworths Catalogues in these days. Woolworths Specials Catalogue contains a page full of power tools like washers, grinders, heat gun, impact drill, jigsaw, sander limited to stocks. Follow us to continue savings with Woolworths Catalogue specials in this month.