Woolworths Gold Special Selection

Woolworths Catalogue gold special selection of chocolate derivatives might be a real attraction considering all of us love to save in Christmas Woolworths Gold Special Selectionweeks. Especially in November and December Woolworths got such kind of product ranges. Interesting chocolate products and Christmas hampers may be your alternative gift products.
* Woolworths Gold red velvet trifle, 1 kg, $18
Special offer by the supermarket that is in big scale you won’t like to miss out.
* Woolworths gold panettone, 1 kg, $20
Soft taste of it will penetrate the hard feelings.
* Gold iced fruit cake, $20
A good idea to have in hot summer days in this holiday.
* Gold Belgian chocolate pudding, 500g, $6
Try out this one as a treat to create richness.


Skipping several pages you will reach the fresh fruits and healthy products of Woolworths. You can find grapes, apple, some new vegetable products and so on within the fresh food product range of the latest Woolworths Catalogue.
* Australian sweet crunch lettuce, $2.48
* Snack pot range 100-250g, $10
* Australian yellow or white flesh peaches, $3.28

Gold products and fresh food might be your two alternatives to prepare treats in this holiday. To see more products you can use the display page. Follow the reviews that are focused on more products in the latest week of the Christmas journey of the supermarkets.

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Food

Best Christmas food ideas can be easily observed at the Woolworths stores with just visiting once. But easier way is to visit catalogue of Woolworths Catalogue Christmas FoodWoolworth which was published this week. First section of the whole sale is the one featuring deli products and fresh meat. Also seafood is one of the stars of the last Christmas food catalogue. Apparently Woolworths Catalogue Christmas food is one of the best food catalogue that has been released in the final week where we are very close to Christmas’ Eve.
* Crusty cobb, Crusty Vienna, $2.50 ea
You can see this offer on the department of bakery.
* Woolworths Gold chocolate hazelnut pavlova, 400g, $15
Another treat for this Christmas. You will save a lot in this Christmas holiday.
* Giant Raw Australian ocean tiger prawns, $29.99
One of the most common seafood products of the supermarkets nowadays.
* Streets Magnum 360-468 mL, $6


Check out this final deals from the Woolworths Catalogue. They mostly included chocolate products and variety of this type within the same section of the latest Christmas catalogue.
* Cadbury Roses tin, 650g, $14
They particularly love this one featured with a surprising price.
* Lindt chocolate bags, $5
Another nice product that is based on this idea.

Woolworths Catalogue December Christmas Deals 2014

In December we can see the best deals of the grocery products for the Christmas. Like turkeys and fresh meat products we can also check out the Woolworths Catalogue December Christmas Deals 2014deli department’s wonderful platters and fresh made from the farmers’ places to your tables, olives, cheese varieties and natural juices. Christmas entertaining food range featuring various deli products can be seen on pg; 18-19.


Deli offers you:
* Castello cheese blue soft, 300g, $7
This is special price that you will be able to buy this product from 10th of December.
* Australian chicken thigh fillets, $8.48
Fantastic deal by Woolworths Christmas catalogue.
* Antipasti platter is priced at $40 and you must order before 24 hours of delivery or pickup.
* President Brie or camembert cheese, 200g, $9


May be the final deals for the Christmas will be released next week. You may need to begin shopping for Christmas gifts and you will probably need to have many gifts for family, friends, neighbors and many other people you love.
* Christmas Tree lights, $2.40 each
Enlighten your Christmas tree with colorful varieties of lights from Woolworths catalogue.
* Christmas lights, $16
Vital elements of celebration party of Christmas.
* Laser 7″ Tablet PC, $55
Might be a good gift idea for Christmas.